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Aarohi Engineers & Infrastructure based out of Visakhapatnam,is a fast growing solar construction company with its core expertise in Solar MMS installation ,DC electricals and AC electricals.Aarohi has vast experience of various solar projects and industrial cabling and solar rooftops etc..

We, as a company dauntlessly took the challenge of enhancing productivity In the infrastructural sphere without compromising on the quality and benefits knowing well that there’s there much room for innovation and efficiency gains in this projects. With our cutting - edge innovations and new technologies , we have demonstrated our commitment and enabled india’s solar india’s infrastructure industry to be more cost-efficient.

Every aspect of our business characterized by through professionalism and high level of corporate governance.we have the financial and technical resources to execute projects from the most basic to highly complex.

Each project is managed by a professional team of experts.our processes and system are systematically planned right from design ,planning,engineering ,to support the execution of our projects .Our expert engineers use advanced technologies and methodologies” to enhance productivity and ensure timely delivery of projects.

Aarohi has repeatedly delivered projects of the highest quality with a strong ,customer focused approach and a continues quest for best quality, with unmatched expertise across technoliges,Engineering ,erection,commissioningprojects, we aim to maintain a leadership in all our major lines of our businesses.

Our professional technicians earn this kind of recognition by understanding clients business needs and objectives.

Managing Director
Nanibabu Medapureddy

Our Services

Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants End to End Services

Aarohi carried out numerious solar construction projects of solar ground mounted central inverters projects including Civil surveying.

Roof Mounted Solar Projects

Aarohi has carried out various types of roof mounted solar systems including Civil foundations,structural MMS,DC electricals,AC electrical installation on school buildings,Hospitals,Universities and etc..

AC LT & HT Industrial Electrical Services

Aarohi has carried out Switchyards constructions up to 33KV,HT cable testing & layings,terminations,Joint kits,HT panels installations ,ICOG Panel erection,Transformers Installation.

Our Projects

Aarohi completed so many Solar rooftop and cabling projects.

On Going Projects

  • 1. 52 MW Solar power plant, ASIAN FABTEC LIMITED, KGF ,Kolar Dist, Karnataka.
  • 2. 27 MW Soalr power plant, ASIAN FABTEC LIMITED, Savanur, Haveri Dist, Karnataka.

Completed Projects

  • 1. 1.1MW ,Insolare,Bijapur,Karnataka.
  • 2. 12 MW Pebspennar,Pedalingapur,Telangana.
  • 3. 4 MW Hetero Drugs,Mothkur,Nalgonda.
  • 4. 10 MW TTD plant,Madanapalle,Chittor.
  • 5. 2.2 MW, Godrej,Nuthanakaluva,Chittor.
  • 6. 10 MW, Adani,Kollegella,Karnataka.
  • 7. 25 MW, Golden Hatcheries,Karnataka.
  • 8. 18 MW, Premier solar,Sira,Karnataka.
  • 9. 6 MW, ABG,Avani,Karnataka.
  • 10. 1 MW Cira Solar,Banglow,Telangana.
  • 11. 25 MW, Refex Energy,Kadamangalam,Tamilanadu.
  • 12. 500 KW Roof mounted,JNTUA,Kalikiri,Andhrapradesh.
  • 13. 27 MW Renewpower,Pavugada,Karnataka.
  • 14. 9 MW Azure Power,Similiguda,Odissa.

contact info

  • M/s Aarohi Engineers & Infrastructure,
    Door no :0-11/A, Venkayyapalem

  • Mobile :+91 9949418968, +91 7893735769

  • Email : projects@aarohiinfra.com ,nani.medapureddy@aarohiinfra.com